Christina Derrick

Christina Derrick


I am a first year PhD candidate funded by the Akroyd and Brown endowed scholarship. 

I am a natural scientist by training but will be taking an interdisciplinary approach in my research, drawing on the various sub-fields of the social sciences. I have assisted on several conservation projects in Greece, South Africa and Brazil, and worked as an ecologist in the UK. I have also worked for the Universities of Cambridge and Exeter where I assisted on research relating to the use of social science research methods in conservation, and business investments in biodiversity.

My project will focus on human-carnivore relationships, taking a step back from the human-wildlife conflict discourse to try and encompass the whole spectrum of human-carnivore relationships and the factors that determine them. I hope to focus not only on the relationship between local people and carnivores, but also the relationship between conservationists and carnivores and how these two interact. Currently I aim to use the African wild dog (Lycaon pictus) as my study species and Malawi as my field site.

Research interests

  • Human carnivore relationships
  • Conservationists motives, values and attitudes
  • Political ecology and social justice approaches to conservation
  • Conservation ethics


  • BA, Biological Sciences, University of Oxford

Research groups and institutes

  • Environment and Development
  • Sustainability Research Institute