Dr Vicente Antonio Mirón Mérida

Dr Vicente Antonio Mirón Mérida


I am a Research Assistant in Dr Alan Hernandez Alvarez’s laboratory and have multidisciplinary research skills developed in Europe, Oceania and America, which include food plant analysis, biosensing, wastewater treatment, plant phytochemicals, mycotoxin detection and decontamination. I have supervised undergraduate and masters students in Mexico and the UK and taught laboratory sessions in food analysis and food technology for the school of food science and nutrition at the University of Leeds.

I earn two bachelor degrees in Chemical Engineering and Pedagogy, from Universidad Veracruzana (Mexico), with an exchange at the University of Otago (New Zealand). During my Master’s studies in Food Science at Instituto Politecnico Nacional (Mexico), I was a research visitor at Laboratorio Nacional de Energia y Geologia (Portugal) and participated at a Research School at the University of Manchester (United Kingdom). I finished a PhD in Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Leeds (United Kingdom). I keep scientific collaborations within the University of Leeds and with other Mexican institutions (UV, IPN, CIAD).


  • Conducting research in Mexican maize in terms of proximate and antinutritional analysis
  • Collaborating with Mexican institution for the valorisation of drought resistant maize
  • Contributing to other research activities in Dr Alan Hernández's group

Research interests

My main focus is plant and food analysis (proximate and antinutrients), as well as the application of agro-industrial waste, as a source of polymers and metabolites for different purposes such as environmental approaches, packaging, and novel materials for biosensing and decontamination methods. I am currently collaborating in the Newton Funded project: “Safeguarding milpa-polyculture system for the development of sustainable agricultural practices and functional foods: a bioeconomics approach project”, which strives to eradicate hunger and poverty in maize producing communities from Hidalgo, Mexico. In this multidisciplinary project, I work with scientists from the Research Centre on Food and Development at CIAD Hidalgo, Mexico, and my main goal is to assess the nutritional value of drought-resistant maize.

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  • BS in Chemical Engineering (Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico)
  • BA in Pedagogy (Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico)
  • MSc in Food Science (Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico)
  • PhD in Food Science and Nutrition (University of Leeds, UK)