Dr Charlotte Evans

My research interests are focused on the evaluation of interventions and policies to improve nutritional behaviour, behavioural nutrition in children and young people, and factors affecting diet quality and health outcomes.

Obtaining a masters in Nutrition will provide you with the skills and the opportunity to pursue an exciting and interesting career in this important area.This course brings together students from many countries with a wide range of backgrounds providing opportunities to learn from peers as well as staff. You will complete modules on all aspects of nutrition from physiology to policy and finish with a summer project carrying out original research. We look forward to welcoming you to Leeds.

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To find out more about my research and teaching activities visit my staff page.

If you have any specific questions about the content of the programme, please contact me via e-mail: C.E.L.Evans@leeds.ac.uk

For any questions relating to the admissions process and/or your current application please contact our admissions team: mscenquiry@food.leeds.ac.uk.