Qinya yu

Qinya Yu

Why did you choose the University of Leeds?

There is an exchange programme between my University in China - Zhejing Gongshang University - and the University of Leeds.

I found out that the University of Leeds is an outstanding university, so I took part in the scheme. I had to pass an interview at Zhejing Gongshang before I could finally become a student at Leeds. 

I will study here for two years and then next year I will study for masters degree. 

Why did you choose to study this particular degree?

Food is great and I like food very much! What's more, food science is a really interesting topic.

As my teacher once said "you can see us baking bread, but you cannot see that we are actually observing the cell; you can see us playing with bottles, but you cannot see that we are actually studying molecular structure; you can see us enjoying the tongue, but you cannot see that we are actually enjoying our heart!"

How are you finding life here in Leeds?

It is interesting and relaxing. There are lots of differences between Leeds and my hometown in China.

I really enjoy the culture here and English people are always friendly. Compared to China, the pace of life is slow here, leaving people more time to enjoy life and to be happy.

What do you like most about your course?

Definitely the friendly teachers and classmates. They are always here to help you and they are quite patient with our questions. I don’t feel nervous being around them.

What skills have you gained from your course so far?

I have enhanced my IT skills through using the virtual learning environment (VLE), as well as the VLE helping me to understand my lectures better.

There are learning resources on the VLE, where I can find the slides the teacher will use the next day, so I download this before my class and then they help me to better understand my course.

Can you describe what student life is like at Leeds (perhaps a typical day)?

Student life at Leeds for me consists of going to class, spending time in the library, visiting eateries and cafes, and attending various societies I am in.  

Students can take part in a range of activities, including the global café for international students alongside studying, we can make many new friends from all over the world.

Life at Leeds is really wonderful!

What were you most worried about before arriving at university?

My finances and the English language.

Before arriving at Leeds I was worrying about my finances, thinking life would be expensive here, but after I came here I found it is cheaper than I thought especially as there is a discount for students.

English is not my mother language, so that was also a worry for me. However English people are really nice! They would never laugh at you because of your English - they help you to build up your confidence instead.

What do you like most about being a student so far/what has been your best experience?

Learning knowledge with a grand new style. I can learn more things with the teachers and my coursemates, and the libraries are really big with lots of resources in there .

Is there is anything which particularly surprised you about being a student at Leeds?

The atmosphere is so relaxing. I don't feel a lot of stress being a student at Leeds. I can open my mind and learn what I love to .

What do you miss the most about your home country?

My parents and Chinese food. I am away from my parents for a long time, so sometimes I miss them, as well as all of the delicious Chinese food.

What do you like most about living in the UK?

The air is always fresh and the scenery is really beautiful. I always enjoy the blue sky and many fantastic buildings.

What do you plan to do at the end of your course?

I'd like to do further study because I want to learn more and build up my knowledge even further. Learning new things always makes me excited and I also want to do some research to find something new.

What do you do apart from study (hobbies, societies, volunteering, job, etc.)?

I take photos and listen to music. Photos are magic things which can turn sudden things into forever and music is another language which can bring me into a new world.