Chun kit li

Chun Kit Li

Which course are you studying?

I’m doing the Masters course in Food Science. When I finished my undergraduate degree I just wanted more experience in the food science area, so I chose the Food Science degree.

What did you do for your undergraduate degree?

Chemistry. Very variable and not really related to everyday life.

Why did you choose the University of Leeds?

To be honest, not many universities are doing a Masters in Food sciences course. I really wanted to have more city life, because my undergraduate degree was at Bath University and it’s very small and I wanted some more city life to interact with other people. Also I looked on the website and found the course description very interesting, it was what I wanted to study.

How have you found the quality of the teaching? How have you experienced it here?

Most of the staff are very nice and very helpful. If I have a question I can ask them after the lecture and they explain very detailed which I can understand. Also in the labs we see many demonstrations which are helpful to us when doing experiments. Once we’ve finished the experiments we have some briefing in how to do the exercise and explain what’s going on in the experiments. These help me understand why I’m doing it.

Is there a big difference between the Masters and the undergraduate degree?

Actually, it’s not a big difference because I find the course structure is not very condensed. I’ve got lots of free time to do more in depth studies in related topics I find interesting. In undergrad it’s very condensed and there’s a lot of homework you need to do. Also I find the Masters has more freedom to explore different areas, which I like.

What about student life, you’ve been here for 6 months? What’s it been like to be a student here?

The sports facilities are great here. The Edge is very modern and very useful. The student union have got a lot of stores and are very convenient for daily life. I can buy my lunch very easily. There are different societies that I can join.

Are there a lot of Hong Kong students here? Have you met many?

Actually not really. I found in the course and in student life it is very international. I can meet many people from many different countries and I can learn how to interact with people from a different background. It’s a good experience being here.

What is the best part of the School?

The common room, because when I was doing my undergrad we didn’t have a common room so we couldn’t gather together to do some more academic discussion. But we can do this in the common room. We don’t need to go to the library or a cafe where it is noisy. But the common room is nice for us. 

Are you involved in anything outside of your studies? Do you have any hobbies? What do you like to do when you’re not studying?

Climbing! They’ve got a very good climbing wall here. They have a free course where I can learn to climb and they’ve got some good instructors who can teach me.

What advice would you give to other prospective students thinking of studying on your course?

Don’t have too much fun, there are lots of parties in the city centre, which can be a positive but it can also be very bad. Also, keep asking questions to the staff because they are very helpful and often you can learn more extra things apart from the lecture.

Any advice for people thinking of coming to study at Leeds?

They’ve got very good facilities at the University Union and also they got the careers centre which is very helpful with advice about CVs and looking for a job. Also you can get more job opportunities.

What are you going to do next? When you have your Masters?

I have applied for some jobs in Britain and I am waiting for feedback. Although the immigration requirement is getting hard and harder so my second plan is to go back to Hong Kong to do more food related jobs.