Denise (Ngai Li)

Denise (Ngai Li)


I graduated from Durham University in 2013 with a Masters in Chemistry. I spent my fourth year in industry with DuPont Teijin Films (Wilton, UK), where I conducted my Masters project. I stayed at DuPont Teijin Films for a year after I graduated, as an IP Assistant before pursuing a PhD. In September 2014 I joined the Soft Matter and Functional Interfaces (SOFI) CDT. During the first six months at Durham University I was introduced to various theoretical concepts and experimental methods for Soft Matter science, which were supported by practical courses and industrial case studies. Finally, in April 2015 I moved to Leeds to start my PhD.  

Research interests

My PhD project concerns studying the structure of phospholipids and their stability when used in dermatological formulations by applying x-ray scattering as the primary analytical technique. Hereby, the nanostructure of phospholipid bilayers are determined and their thermal behaviour is explored. My project is primarily focussed on studying how the structure of phospholipid bilayers change when interacting with other components used in dermatological formulations.  My project is co-funded by EPSRC and GSK as part of the Soft Matter and Functional Interfaces (SOFI) CDT.


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