Lily Sulaiman


I'm Nur Liyana Sulaiman and my collegue here known me as Lily. I'm from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am a mother of two lovely boys. I have always wanted to further my studies overseas but there was no luck for me back then in terms of sponsorship. So, I had my Diploma in Food Technology and BSc in Food Science and Technology from University Teknologi Mara, Malaysia. However, I did not stop there, I was determined to pursuit my dream in doing PhD in overseas. So I went around to find sponsorhsip and at that time I just gave birth to my eldest son.  Due to  my perserverence and determination, I was able to get the funding from Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) and right now I'm in my 4th year in University of Leeds doing my reserach in utilising the underutilised protein rich sources.


Research interests

My reserach interest is exploring proteins from plant sources especially legumes. I'm currently exploring the functional properties of proteins in legume called Vicia faba and comparing it with other commercially well known plant proteins lke soy and pea. All of the findings will be beneficial in making Vicia faba as an alternative protein source. I will also be doing consumer acceptability studies on beef patties  incorporated with plant proteins as the last stage of my research. Apart from doing my research, I'm also interested in doing demonstration to assist students in the lab for various experiments.



  • BSc Food Science and Technology (Minor in Islamic Food Law)