Morfo Zembyla


I graduated from the University of Leicester in 2014 with a bachelor degree in Chemistry where I was awarded with the Dunlop Polymer Engineering Division Chemistry Prize as the best graduating BSc student. Subsequently I did my master degree in Food Science at the University of Leeds in 2015. Then, I decided to continue my career by doing a PhD at SOFI (Soft Matter and Functional Interfaces) CDT program which is a collaboration between three universities; Leeds, Durham and Edinburgh.

Research interests

I am working with Prof Brent Murray and Dr Anwesha Sarkar on stabilization of water-in-oil (W/O) emulsions using food grade materials. The aim of my research is to reduce the fat and, thus, the calorific content in foods by increasing the concentration of water, in the form of stable W/O emulsion droplets. My ultimate goal is to develop a new stabilization method for W/O emulsions where the stabilizers are based on natural, biodegradable and renewable-resource ingredients that are immediately suitable for use in food and non-food products (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, agrochemicals etc.).