White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities (WRoCAH)


Dr Martin Zebracki for CDA - Project Public Arts for Inclusive Placemaking: Perceptions, Evaluations and Actions

Project description

The White Rose College of the Arts & Humanities (WRoCAH) is a Doctoral Training Partnership of the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York. It is responsible for the distribution of AHRC-funded doctoral studentships for these universities and for the coordination of a doctoral training programme.

WRoCAH has around 48 AHRC studentships that will be awarded through open competition. Of these we expect the majority to be student-led project applications. At least 15% of the awards made will be Collaborative Doctoral Awards (CDAs) where a student works closely with a non-academic partner organisation throughout their PhD.

Project areas are already defined for these, and are advertised here: http://wrocah.ac.uk/2019-cda-projects/.

Students can make only one application for funding through the open competition for either a student-led or a collaborative project. The studentship application form and details of how to apply for each type of studentship are only available from the WRoCAH website http://wrocah.ac.uk/new-student/2019-cda/.

Please read the details very carefully as the application process may vary for the Collaborative Doctoral Awards with an earlier deadline for expressions of interest. In Geography for the project "Project Public Arts for Inclusive Placemaking: Perceptions, Evaluations and Actions" this is 10th December 2018 to Dr Martin Zebracki - STAGE 1

To be eligible for funding, applicants for all types of WRoCAH AHRC Studentships must have applied for a PhD programme at one of Leeds, Sheffield or York. The final closing deadline for ALL funding applications is 5pm GMT on Wednesday, 23rd January 2019 - STAGE 2

AHRC studentships are only available to students from the UK or European Union. Applications cannot be accepted from students liable to pay fees at the Overseas rate.

Normally UK students will be eligible for a full award which pays fees and a maintenance grant if they meet the residency criteria and EU students will be eligible for a fees-only award, unless they have been resident in the UK for 3 years immediately prior to taking up the award.

Please read the Conditions of Research Council Training Grants Guide for more information https://www.ukri.org/funding/information-for-award-holders/grant-terms-and-conditions/

Entry requirements

Strong applicants require a good undergraduate degree and Masters degree in relevant subjects.