Professor Andy Baird

Geography is a vibrant discipline that is highly relevant to the complex problems faced by a rapidly-changing world. The University of Leeds is one of the best places to study physical geography, and we are fortunate in having lecturers who are also world-leading researchers in the topics they teach. Our field-based teaching includes residential modules in the UK and overseas (including Cost Rica and New Zealand) where students learn about global issues such as deforestation, soil management, and regional water resources. Our BSc Geography with Environmental Mathematics is unique in the UK in being mostly a physical geography programme with additional training in fundamental maths skills. These skills allow you to gain a deeper understanding of how key environmental processes can be represented in models such as those used to predict global climates and river flooding.

I teach on a range of topics in physical geography from hydrology, to biogeography, to mathematical modelling, and contribute to two residential field trips: a first year trip to the Yorkshire Dales and a second year trip to the Western Algarve in Portugal. My research focuses on soils, the global carbon cycle, and the representation of soil carbon in climate models.

As BSc Geography with Environmental Mathematics Programme Leader my job is to ensure your degree runs smoothly and that you leave with an excellent understanding of how the environment around you works. We are determined that our research excellence translates into the most up-to-date degree programme possible, and want to help you achieve the very high standards set by our successful alumni.

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