Glaciologists from the University of Leeds in the Himalayas.

Emma Williams

Study abroad is an Incredible experience and I am so glad I had the opportunity to make it a part of my Geography course. I moved to Brisbane, Australia on the other side of the world, but was amazed at how such a huge journey felt manageable and exciting. The study abroad office was great at answering the hundreds of questions I had and putting me in touch with all the Leeds students who were studying at the same university as me. This meant that when I arrived I had a new group of friends to get settled in with. These people turned out to be some of my best friends and I feel lucky to have met them through the study abroad. 

I studied at the University of Queensland In Brisbane. As the name suggests, it is the state university and Queensland is known as The Sunshine State, for obvious reasons. The University is set on a beautiful campus alongside the river, I got a ferry to uni each day! The University brought amazing opportunities including becoming a member of the Volleyball team and studying a Marine Biology Module which took me to a private island in the Great Barrier Reef. Here I swam with turtles, sharks, manta rays and the rest of the Finding Nemo cast!

Studying at the University was extremely enjoyable and rewarding but only accounted for part of my study abroad experience.