Physical geography field trips

Year 3: New Zealand, Costa Rica and Cyprus

Students on New Zealand field trip

New Zealand

This field trip to the central Southern Alps on South Island enables third year students to get first-hand experience of conducting field research in physical geography in an exotic and challenging environment.

You’ll experience a landscape with a diverse range of tectonic, glacial and fluvial landforms, and a wide range of vegetation and fauna.

During the trip you will collect field data in groups to work on independently later. Many different aspects of both modern and past glacial, fluvial and ecological phenomena can be investigated and advice towards topics and staff research interests will be given to guide your research.

Costa Rica

This field trip to the rainforest of Costa Rica will provide third year students with unique fieldwork experience in an exotic and tropical environment. During the trip you will get to know the varied landscape of Costa Rica, visit volcanoes, Paramo and cloud forest vegetation, a see a variety of exotic flora and fauna. 

The aim of the trip is to design and conduct you own fieldwork research project, under the guidance of experienced staff. Over five days you will collect field data in the surroundings of the field station of la Gamba in the south of Costa Rica (El Golfito region). Back in the UK you will work on these data independently and write a mini report. Research projects may include different aspects of the ecology and geomorphology of the region.


With two options to do fieldwork in Cyprus, you can choose based on which topics you’re most interested to explore. One trip offers fieldwork in the dynamics of formation, cooling, alteration of mid-oceanic ridges, their subsequent emplacement as ophiolites and their unroofing and post-emplacement history. Another trip explores the environmental impacts of mining and waste disposal, and earthquake/tectonic effects on structures.