Marta Lisli Giannichi


I am currently doing my PhD studying participation of landowners in offset schemes to avoid deforestation and their impacts on conservation outcomes and potential co-benefits. My research is focused on the Brazilian Forest Code, which establishes offset options to landowners to compensate for past deforestation. By empirically assessing landowners offset preferences and testing which could be the optimal scale in which offset strategies could function, I investigate potential impacts on carbon-biodiversity co-benefits. I am funded by CNPq (The Brazilian Research Council) thourgh the programme Science without Borders.

Research interests

As a biologist, I have always known how powerful conservation actions can be to preserve our most threatened ecosystems. Currently, my main interest is in conservation interventions (such as payment for ecosystem services and offset schemes) to halt deforestation; and their impacts on biodiversity, carbon and fragmentation. I am particularly interested in the context of tropical nations and applying conservation findings to the science-policy interface. 


  • BSc in Biology, Universidade Mackenzie (2006)
  • MSc in Biodiversity and Conservation, Univsersity of Leeds (2011)