Emily Sheard


Academic Background and Biography

I gained my BSc in Geography (Applied) from the University of Huddersfield in 2004, after which I worked as an analyst in both the public and private sectors.

I returned to academia in 2014, completing an MSc in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) at the University of Leeds in 2015, and I am currently studying towards a PhD.



  • September 2018 (invited speaker): A case for disaggregated data in crime analysis. LIDA Annual Showcase, Leeds
  • December 2017 (invited speaker): Identifying risk factors for Car Key burglary in West Yorkshire. LIDA Seminar Series: Crime Analytics, Leeds
  • September 2017: Developing a dynamic risk model for the prediction of temporally clustered crime series. 17th Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology (EuroCrim), Cardiff, 13-16th
  • September 2017: Exploring the spatio-temporal distribution of Car Key burglary in West Yorkshire: Routine activity or planned behaviour? The European Colloquium on Theoretical and Quantitative Geography (ECTQG), York, 7-11th 
  • October 2016 (invited speaker): Data as a risk predictor for temporally-concentrated crime series. LIDA Seminar Series: Crime Analytics, Leeds
  • May 2016 (invited speaker): Enumerating the ambient population in the context of crime. CDRC Data Partner Forum: Retail Mobility, Oxford
  • July 2008: Neighbourhood Policing Teams: Transcending the local? British Society of Criminology Conference 2008, Huddersfield, 9-11th


Demonstrating Experience (Module Assistant):

  • 2016/2017 - GEOG3191: Geocomputation and Location Analysis  
  • 2016/2017 - GEOG5927M: Predictive Analytics
  • 2016/2017 - GEOG5870M: Web-based GIS
  • 2015/2016 - GEOG5240M: Applied Population and Demographic Analysis
  • 2015/2016 - GEOG5520M: Quantitative and Spatial Methods                            


Core Skills:

Coding (Java, JavaScript & CSS, NetLogo, Python, R), data analysis, geographical information systems (ArcGIS, MapInfo, QGIS), IBM SPSS, Lean Six Sigma, MI reporting, Microsoft Office, process improvement, project management, research, statistics, teaching, workshop facilitation.

Research interests

Crime data analytics, focusing primarily on how ‘new’ forms of data can be applied, in conjunction with open source software such as R, to both current and emerging crime problems.


  • MSc, Geographical Information Systems, University of Leeds
  • BSc, Geography (Applied), University of Huddersfield

Research groups and institutes

  • Centre for Spatial Analysis and Policy