Jennie Gray


I completed my undergraduate degree in Geography in 2015 at Sheffield Hallam University (SHU). During my undergraduate, I undertook two elective modules of Geographical Information Systems, sparking my interest in the data behind the geography. Subsequently I went on to complete my postgraduate degree in MSc Geographical Information Systems in January 2017, also at SHU. While completing my MSc, I was part of the Self Assessment Team for SHU's Department of the Natural and Built Environment's Athena Swan submission, with the role of Data Analyst. The department was sucessfully awarded Bronze. 

Prior to starting my current studies here at the University of Leeds in September 2017, I began employment as an Associate Lecturer at SHU, teaching upon the MSc GIS course that I had just completed. I Also taught SPSS and Statistics workshops to MSc students within the same department. 

Currently, I am a student of ESRC's Centre for Data Analytics and Society's first cohort of their Integrated MSc and PhD programme. I also teach SPSS in the School of Scoiology and Social Policy, and demonstrate in the School of Geography. 


  • BSc Geography, Sheffield Hallam University
  • MSc Geographcal Information Systems, Sheffield Hallam University