Deborah Olukan

Deborah Olukan


I am a enrolled on the Integrated MSc and PhD programme, run by the Leeds Institute of Data Analytics (LIDA) and the School of Geography. Prior to this programme, I completed my MSc in Data Science and Analytics in September 2018 with the School of Mathematics also at the University of Leeds. My undergraduate was in Economics (BSc) at Swansea University; with my main interests being Econometrics and Environmental Economics. My undergraduate dissertation gave me with an opportunity to independently explore the relationship between technology and neoclassical economics. And within my research I discovered the field of Data Science. My main interests and skills developed through my undergraduate were mainly machine learning and analysis skills, so embarking on the MSc in Data Science suited my well. The MSc further developed my mathematical and computational skills in the use and application of Data. This current programme is a funded scholarship with ESRC, LIDA and sponsor, Improbable; this opportunity will allowed me to explore an area that has always interested me and hopefully provide findings. 

Research interests

My main focus will is the study of Heterogeneity in Agent-based models. 

My supervisors Dr Jonathan Ward and Professor Nicolas Malleson are at the forefront of Data Assimilation in Agent-based models (, at which is the umbrella that my project falls under. 


  • BSc Economics
  • MSc Data Science and Analytics