Lena Kilian

Lena Kilian


This project aims to estimate consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions across the UK at neighbourhood level longitudinally. Emissions are estimated from expenditure estimates using an environmentally extended multi-regional input-output analysis. Thereafter, spatial and temporal emission patterns can be investigated. This enables an assessment of the impacts of the 2007/08 economic recession, sustainability behaviour change policy, and local infrastructure developments on household carbon emissions. Moreover, relationships between geodemographic factors and greenhouse gas emissions in the UK can be evaluated.


ESRC 2+2 MSc and PhD via the Centre for Data Analytics and Society



Scientific Papers

Kilian, L., Owen, A., Newing, A. and Ivanova D. (in prep). ‘Effective mitigation of transport emissions in London neighbourhoods: spatial patterns, social factors, and wellbeing’.

Kilian, L., Owen, A., Newing, A., and Ivanova D. (2022). Microdata selection for estimating household consumption-based emissions. Economic Systems ResearchDOI: 10.1080/09535314.2022.2034139.


Owen, A. and Kilian, L. (2020). Consumption-based Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Bristol 2016 [Online]. Leeds. Available from: https://www.bristolonecity.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Consumption-based-Greenhouse-Gas-Emissions-for-Bristol.pdf.


Kilian, L., Owen, A., Newing, A., and Ivanova, D. (2021). Per Capita Consumption-Based Greenhouse Gas Emissions for UK Lower and Middle Layer Super Output Areas, 2016. [Data Collection]. Colchester, Essex: UK Data Service. DOI: 10.5255/UKDA-SN-854888


  • MSc Data Analytics and Society, University of Leeds
  • MSc Sustainable Cities, King's College London
  • BSc Psychology, University of Glasgow

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute for Spatial Data Science