Anne Sietsma (he/him)

Anne Sietsma (he/him)


Throughout my studies, I have been interested in interdisciplinary problems in general, and climate change in specific. In my PhD project, I am exploring the application of machine learning methods for climate change adaptation. More concretely, I am analysing texts, such as scientific papers or policy documents, that are related to adaptation. By using machine learning, we can do this at a scale of thousands of documents. This large scale is important, because it means we can track progress in the field of climate change adaptation as a whole. Identifying trends and regional differences might help decision makers where additional funds are necessary for example.

Research interests

  • Climate change adaptation;
  • Big Data (both supervised and unsupervised machine learning);
  • Natural Language Processing;
  • International policy making;
  • Evidence mapping.



  • Joint Master Sustainable Development (MSc), Karl-Franzens Universit√§t/Universit√† Ca' Foscari
  • Technology and Liberal Arts and Sciences (BSc), University of Twente