Adam Hartley

Adam Hartley


I am a Masters by Research Student studying surface run-off behavior of peatland catchments, using numerical and hardware modelling techniques. For this project, I am partly funded by a BHS Studentship award. I recently completed a degree in BSc (Hons) Geography and Geology (Ind.) at the University of Leeds and decided to continue studying and pursue my interest in hydrological and hydraulic modelling with an MSc. My BSc dissertation entitled: “Investigating the importance and assumptions of channel capacity in a flood model” was awarded a 1st and wouldn’t have been possible without support from the JBA Trust, which provided me with the capacity to use various types of modelling software. 

My Masters by Research project aims to investigate how flow regimes are described in the subsurface and surface of peatlands. This will firstly involve looking at where the transition in flow regime (for instance transitioning from Darcian, laminar flow in the subsurface to a Chezy/Manning combination for non-laminar overland flow) occurs as the water table rises to the poorly defined soil surface. Secondly, I will investigate the impact of biogenic gas bubbles, produced by the decay of organic material, on the vertical and horizontal hydraulic conductivity of peat soils and the subsequent impact on flow. 




Research interests

Principal Interests: 

  • Peatland catchments, hydrology and hydraulics
  • Hydrological and hydraulic modelling 
  • Constructing both numerical and hardware models 
  • Impact of biogenic gas on peatland hydraulic properties 
  • Rewilding and restoration and their benefits on flood management

General Interests: 

  • Earth surface processes in a range of environments 
  • Flood modelling and management, particularly natural flood management 
  • Climate risk and resilience 
  • Glaciology 
  • GIS and python programming (aiming to develop my python skills this year)


  • BSc (Hons) in Geography and Geology (Ind.) at the University of Leeds

Research groups and institutes

  • River Basin Processes and Management