I am a PhD researcher in the School of Geography at the University of Leeds. I am a qualified overseas teacher (Pakistan), and I am interested in diverse socio-geographic, geopolitical and cross-cultural issues. My intention is to learn and work in challenging environments to gain more research-based study knowledge. The motive of doing this PhD is to understand a multitude of cultural shocks experienced by British Pakistani Muslims. 



Research interests

The aim of this PhD research is to explore diverse values of sexuality in cross-cultural, geographic and religious faiths in a secular democratic society. The research will also identify the factors that could have an impact on sexual orientation within religious minorities regarding the interest of modern states.    

This project is supervised by  Prof. Robert Vanderbeck and Dr. Martin Zebracki (School of Geography, University of Leeds). 



  • MRes (Education and Society), Manchester Metropolitan University
  • PGD GIS, University of Manchester
  • MSc GIS, University of the Punjab Pakistan
  • M.A Political Science, University of the Punjab Pakistan
  • MSc Geography University of the Punjab Pakistan