I am currently studying a PhD funded by the NERC Panorama DTP entitled “Proglacial landscape evolution across the Antarctic Peninsula with Holocene climate change”. This project aims to look at how the proglacial landscapes of Antarctica have changed in past warming events and how they are changing in the present and future as a result of contemporary climate change. This research will be informed by satellite data and, eventually, by field data collected from fieldwork in James Ross Island. I am working within the River Basins Proces and Management (RBPM) research cluster.

Prior to embarking upon this PhD, I received a Masters of Earth Science in Geology and Physical Geography from the University of Liverpool. 

Research interests

  • Sedimentology 
  • Glaciology
  • Climatology 
  • Remote sensing
  • Landscape change


  • MESci Geology and Physical Geography @ University of Liverpool