Sophie Tankard

Sophie Tankard


I am a Masters by Research Student studying the impact of natural flood management (NFM) in a small Calderdale catchment. I completed a BA (Hons) Geography degree at Keele University and was awarded the Elise Beaver prize. I have conducted previous research that is titled ‘Evaluation of Natural Flood Management Strategies and their Application to Small Catchments.’ The Masters by Research will be built upon the findings of my previous research.

I am a member of the River Basin Processes and Management cluster within the School of Geography. 

Research interests

The Masters by Research will focus on the hydrological, stakeholder impacts and multiple benefits of NFM in a catchment. 

Further areas of research interest include: 

  • The Effectiveness of NFM 
  • Wider benefits of NFM
  • Ecological benefits of NFM
  • Impact of NFM on stakeholders
  • Land management practises associated with NFM
  • Community benefits of NFM 
  • Cooperation of NFM stakeholders 
  • Future scenarios for NFM
  • Impacts of climate change on NFM 
  • NFMs ability to offset climate change impacts 
  • NFMs ability to address low frequency, high impact events
  • Mental health impacts associated with NFM


  • BA (Hons) Geography

Research groups and institutes

  • River Basin Processes and Management