Amrita Limbu


I am a migration researcher with research interests in migration, forced labour, transnational families, emotions, and affect. My recent PhD research takes the case of education migration to Australia and labour migration to Qatar from Nepal to examine how diverse migration conditions shape and influence the emotional and affective experiences of migration and transnational family life. Currently, I am a Research Assistant for the Transnational Families in Europe: Care, inequalities and wellbeing project at the School of Geography.


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Limbu, A. (2022). ‘A life path different from one of labour in the Gulf’: Ongoing mobility among Nepali labour migrants in Qatar and their families. Global Networks. 

Limbu, A. (2021). Hearts in Australia, Souls in Nepal: Migration and Affective Intergenerational Aspirations. Culture Unbound, 13(2), 199-220. 

Sijapati, B., & Limbu, A. (2017). Governing Labour Migration in Nepal: An Analysis of Existing Policies and Institutional Mechanisms (2nd ed., first published 2012). Kathmandu: Himal Books.

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Research interests

Migration, forced labour, education migration, transnational families, Nepal

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  • PhD, Culture & Society - Institute for Culture & Society, Western Sydney University