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Dr C Scott Watson wearing a coat and cap, in front of a glacial lake.

Two of Leeds' most promising research leaders have earned national fellowships to advance their work aimed at tackling global challenges.

Curvette Central, in DR Congo. Credit: Simon Lewis

The world’s forests have absorbed over 100 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide over the past three decades, but they need more protection, according to a new study.

Riisa Bog in Estonia during twilight. The landscape features calm, reflective water surrounded by patches of grass and low-growing trees.

Cat Moody, Joseph Holden and Andy Baird produced a chapter of the United Nations (UN) Water Report: Water for Climate Mitigation.

A British motorway full of cars.

Professor Greg Marsden explores the reasons for and solutions to the reduced targets for climate change mitigation in the UK transport sector.

Avalanche Canyon with Gilkey Glacier in the background, showing a steeply incised glacier valley. Photography by Professor Bethan Davies.

Melting of glaciers in a major Alaskan icefield has accelerated and could reach an irreversible tipping point earlier than previously thought, new research suggests.