Jennifer Dentith


I am a fourth year PhD student funded by the Leeds-York NERC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP). I have a broad interest in climate dynamics, palaeoclimatic reconstruction, and anthropogenic climate change. My research involves incorporating carbon isotopes (14C and 13C) into the FAMOUS General Circulation Model to improve our understanding of deglacial ocean circulation.


  • MSc Applied Meteorology and Climatology, University of Birmingham
  • BSc Natural Sciences (Earth Sciences and Geography), Durham University


  • Royal Meteorological Society - Associate fellow (student)
  • American Geophysical Union - Student member

Teaching interests

  • Ice Age Environments and the Quaternary Evolution of the British Isles
  • Introduction to Meteorology and Weather Forecasting
  • Climate Change: Physical Science Basis

Selected conference contributions

  • Simulating carbon isotopes in the ocean model of the FAMOUS GCM. Past Earth Networks, Leeds, UK, 19–21 June 2018 (Poster)
  • The radiocarbon fingerprint of different Meridional Overturning Circulations. PMIP4, Stockholm, Sweden, 25–29 September 2017 (Poster)
  • The radiocarbon fingerprint of different Meridional Overturning Circulations. Goldschmidt, Paris, France, 13–18 August 2017 (Poster)
  • Simulating radiocarbon in the ocean model of the FAMOUS GCM. EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, 23–28 April 2017 (Poster)

Research groups and institutes

  • Palaeo@Leeds
  • Earth Surface Science Institute
  • Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science