Bassam Alshammari

Bassam Alshammari


I received my BSc in geology from University of Liverpool in 2013 and then worked professionally in the oil industry at Saudi Aramco for over 5 years as siliciclastic sedimentologist. Currently I am doing my Mphil with Eolian-Fluvial and Shallow Marine research groups under the supervision of Professor Nigel Mountney and Dr. Luca Colombera.

Research interests

My research interests focus on the analysis of fluvial-to-marine transition zone deposits in the subsurface. Determining the lateral distribution of such complex deposits in the subsurface is rather problematic. Therefore, I am constructing depositional models by integrating subsurface well data with architecture of geobodies informed by information stored in the relational database of ERG-FRG and SMRG.


  • BSc in Geology, University of Liverpool 2013

Research groups and institutes

  • Sedimentology
  • Institute of Applied Geoscience