Climate Change and Environmental Policy MSc

The following modules are available in 2022/23 for Climate Change and Environmental Policy MSc and are examples of the modules you are likely to study. All Modules are subject to change. You will study 180 credits in total.

Compulsory modules:

Research project - 60 credits

Using the knowledge that you have gained throughout your degree, you will identify and develop a research question and complete a well-structured and fully-argued independent piece of research making use of appropriate (primary and secondary) data sources and research tools for data analysis.

Environmental policy and governance – 15 credits

Explore changing modes of climate and environmental policy and examine the multiple pathways through which human-environment interaction is governed; e.g. limits of policy instruments, how context can change and shape processes and the ways in which governments, markets and civil society actors can influence (climate) policy and environmental governance. 

Climate change: physical science basis – 15 credits

Introduce the basic knowledge of physical science on climate change, along with the key issues such as scientific uncertainty, which is important for understanding climate mitigation and adaptation, and climate change debates.

Climate change: impacts and adaptation - 15 credits

Gain an overview of climate change impact assessment and predictions as well as key concerns and strategies of adaptation which are essential knowledge and skills for academics, practitioners and policy makers at all levels.

Climate change mitigation – 15 credits

Through two overarching themes (mitigation options and transition to a low carbon economy), you will learn about the relative significance of main sources of greenhouse gases in different sectors as well as the potential technologies and strategies for reducing them.

Research methods - 15 credits

Familiarise yourself with appropriate social science methods of research (qualitative and quantitative) and acquire general research skills relevant to your dissertation project.

The full list of module information can be read in the course catalogue.