Amy burgess, studying MSc Geographical Information Systems at the University of Leeds.

Amy Burgess

How did you get your current job?

Integrated Skills provides high-quality waste management, environmental and GIS/ IT consultancy services in the UK and
internationally. They emailed me during my studies as they were looking to fill various positions within their company. I replied and described my work and study situation, expressing my desire to explore opportunities to use my new ArcMap and statistical skills. After about 2 months, a representative of the company offered me an interview. As a mature student, I had previously worked as a full-time teacher and a manager and was already competent with many administration skills required for the position. I had also worked for the NHS as a data analyst (during the final months before I graduated) and gained invaluable office experience and people skills.
During my studies, I used ArcMap mapping software, which was very important to the company as they use this on a daily basis. They were also very interested in viewing my dissertation (which is soon to be published) and several of my assignments. After the interview, I gained an offer of employment and started work the week after my graduation.

How relevant was your degree?

The computer software skills I learned proved vital for my new position. GIS is a growing discipline in many work environments and has prepared me for many job opportunities. I decided on a part-time study and took several of my units as a distance learner. This was more suited to my pace of work, it also allowed me to find a job during the process. From GIS, work placements within the university and beyond, through to environmental assessment, the programme has been relevant in many job searches in the environment sector and especially in my new role.

What do you enjoy about your role?

The job is varied and covers ArcMap software-based applications such as RouteSmart, RouteSmart Navigator, Routeplanner OnDemand and WinRoute, through to customer guidance, and selling the software country-wide. I am very excited about using my skills to fulfil many job roles. I am keen to get involved with team-working and eventually looking to take on more responsibility within the company. Using GIS to fulfil practical and necessary solutions to company transport issues, and council services will hopefully be very rewarding indeed.