Indrajit Bosse

I am now working with the Centre for Science and Environment's climate change programme ( I have joined as a deputy programme manager and my work involves research on climate change mitigation and negotiation. Work will involve writing on climate change negotiations in the Down To Earth magazine, which is published by the Centre every fortnight. I am also working on a book, Climate Change Politics and Facts, which the Centre is planning to publish before the Conference of Parties meeting in Durban later this year.

I now have a profile that is directly relevant to my MSc in Sustainability: Environment and Development at Leeds. I used to be a journalist in India before I joined the master's programme and the idea was to get away from pure journalism and specialize in a particular field. As the year in Leeds progressed, I realized that I wanted to work in the field of climate change. The programme helped because it gave me a deeper insight into how developmental and environmental issues are interlinked. The year was a constant self-examination of my perspectives (think critically!) about issues. The year at Leeds was a wholesome experience of study and fun. It has definitely given me the confidence to pursue my interests. The programme is designed in a manner that ends up making you more responsible for yourself. And that helps you in all walks of life.

A special thanks to my programme manager for all her help.