Gloria Namande

The University of Leeds had the best choice of course for my professional and career development. I could not find this course in other Universities. The MSc Sustainability (Environment & Development) course combined both environment and sustainable development which is the greatest challenge of the decade and this is where I wanted to make an impact through my professional and career life.

This course has allowed me to acquire skills in the governance and management of institutions in the field of environment and development which has helped in my current position as a consultant with a programme working on Regional Energy advisory issues within East Africa.

The most rewarding time at the School of Earth & Environment is the interaction that my class had, the group discussions and presentations. This involved interaction with other colleagues and built my confidence in sharing and working in teams. I made a lot of friends from several countries who I am still in touch with.

At the moment I am working as a consultant with the German Technical Cooperation with the Regional Energy Advisory Platform based in Kampala, Uganda. This is a regional programme that provides support and advisory services on energy, environment and policy in East African countries.