Rupert Wilson

Rupert Wilson

Why did you choose Leeds, was it something special about the course, department or place that attracted you?

I studied my undergraduate degree at Leeds Uni in Environment and Business. During my final year, I wanted to consider which career pathway I wanted to take, and following discussions with a family friend who was an environmental consultant I decided that was the path for me. Naturally, I looked into a range of options at a number of universities but the MSc course in Environmental Consultancy and Project Management at Leeds appeared to perfectly fit my career plans. The placement element of the course particularly stuck out to me, with a combination of academic studies in the environment and 'real world' application seemingly the perfect mix. 

What was the best or most memorable thing about your time at Leeds, especially your course but it can be other things?

My most memorable thing about my time on the Leeds MSc course was the trip to Bridlington! As a socialite and self-confessed geography geek, going away with 40 or so like-minded individuals to a field trip-come-social trip it was again the perfect combination! It was a great opportunity to get to know my peers better and explore some of the great Yorkshire countryside.

How your degree, or the other activities that you were able to participate in while studying, shaped or influenced your career since Graduating?

The MSc course attracted me primarily due to the placement element in the third semester. I did my placement with URS (now AECOM) and undertook a research project on the environmental impact of Shale Gas (a very current topic back in 2014). I learned a lot while on placement and gained a lot of opportunities to explore the world of consultancy, which confirmed my desire to work in the sector. My 'foot in the door' through my placement meant I was recruited following the completion of my MSc and am now a year and a half into my career as an environmental consultant! So you could say my degree and placement was hugely influential in getting me to where I am today!

Is there anything that you would like to say to prospective masters students to encourage them to follow in your footsteps?

I would say take all the opportunities you are given. Network as much as you can to make connections and learn about different professions. Do your research early into where you want to be in a few years time. Speaking to environmental professionals and gaining consultancy experience before I graduated has been invaluable in my career.