Co-production of climate services for East Africa (CONFER)

Africa landscape

CONFER aims to co-develop dedicated climate services for the water, energy and food security sectors with stakeholders and end-users in the Great Horn of Africa region, to enhance their ability to plan for and adapt to seasonal climate fluctuations.

First, it seeks to foster a two-way dialogue between the researchers and a large group of stakeholders and end-users. The aim is to create enthusiasm and raise awareness to ensure that the value of its outputs is fully realised by those who need them the most.

Second, it seeks to improve on the accuracy and local detail of numerical prediction model outputs for East Africa, with a particular focus on seasonal prediction.

Third, it aims to develop statistical and machine learning tools to obtain a new level of seasonal forecast skill based on numerical models and high-resolution satellite data. This will include a large training and capacity development programme designed to enhance climate information uptake in our focus sectors.

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