Study abroad

Study Abroad at the School of Earth and Environment

Studying in another country is not only an adventure but offers the opportunity to study modules or visit locations that would otherwise be unavailable in the UK. It’s a great way to boost your confidence and broaden your outlook on life by experiencing another culture, while making friends and having fun.

The School offers three-year BSc (Hons) and BA (Hons) courses, with and Study Abroad variants, and our four-year Integrated Masters (MGeol/MGeophys/MEnv) programmes which include an international study year abroad in North America or Australasia.

In the School of Earth and Environment, you have two options for studying abroad:

  • Apply for one of our Four-Year Integrated Masters and study at one of the specified institutions abroad. This option requires a higher grade than the non-integrated one and counts towards your overall degree classification – and on completing your final year you’ll graduate with a Masters degree. Find out more about studying abroad with our Integrated Masters.
  • Apply for one of our three-year degrees, where you’ll have the choice of undertaking a “pass/fail” study abroad year, which has a broader range of institutions to study at, and a lower grade requirement. When you return, you’ll study your final year and graduate with an undergraduate degree as normal – but with ‘International’ in your degree title.

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If you want to study in a country that teaches in another language, our Language Centre can provide you with advice on additional learning opportunities before you go.

Find out more at the Study Abroad website.