Siobhan Staunton-Sykes studied (BA Environment and Business) at the School of Earth and Environment.

Siobhan Staunton-Sykes


What does the placement involve?

The HSE department is responsible for maintaining and implementing the two management systems we have of Environment and health & safety). These systems rely on the principles of plan, do, check, act, in order to achieve continual improvement. This summarizes the purpose of all work I am responsible for. It would be impossible to simply list the roles and tasks I have been responsible for, and in reflection, it shows me how much I have learnt and experienced! The work and responsibilities vary between individual roles and teamwork, presenting, analyzing, auditing, and improvement projects I have been able to identify myself and implement to improve the site’s environmental performance.


What do you hope to get out from it?

I hope to ultimately make myself a more employable graduate, so I can leave University and head straight into the workplace. I have strengthened my key skills and improved on skills I was lacking. It has also helped me developed as a person and not just as a professional.


Why do you think a placement is important?

I think it is important because it gives you the skills you need to do well in the workplace, which being a University student does not always teach you. It means I am one step ahead of other graduates, and my CV and interview material is now much stronger and diverse. I now have solid references, and it has enabled me to develop a good work ethic and routine to take back in my final year of University.


 How is it going to help your long-term career plans?

I gained two extra qualifications on my placement, as well as the extra set of experiences and skills. I believe it also shows commitment and determination to work, by having the option to take a year out. Working for a global company has been very beneficial as I have been able to network and make contacts at other Cummins site. I have also met several professionals outside of Cummins, which again will increase my options for when I graduate. It has been very insightful being on the other side of the career table, and I know I am a much more employable undergraduate now.