James Brown studied,  School of Earth and Environment

James Brown

Why do a placement?

I think it is important to have some form of professional work experience either through a summer placement or through a year in industry as it gives you a massive advantage over other graduates and shows prospective employers that you are willing and capable of working in a professional environment. It is also a nice break from academia and allows you to assess what you really want in the next step of your career.

What placement did you decide to do?

I mainly looked at placements in the Geotechnical Geo-environmental sectors of Geology. This sector employs the most geology graduates after university so I thought it would relevant to gain some experience in this industry. I ended up being offered a placement as an Engineering Geologist at Geotechnical Engineering, a ground investigation contractor based in Gloucester.

What did the role involve?

The role was primarily site based working on-site investigation projects around the UK. On a daily basis, I was involved in logging soils and rocks, taking sub-samples for geotechnical and chemical testing and providing site supervision to drilling rigs. When not out on site I worked in the office helping to prepare factual reports to issue to clients.

Briefly, how has the placement benefited you?

The placement has helped to widen skills such as communication, organisation and teamwork all of which are transferable into any working related environment. I have gained invaluable experience for a career in the Geotechnical sector and have secured a full-time job after university.