Louise Beveridge

Louise Beveridge


My background is in Ecology, where I started out working as a reseach assistant on a number of expeditions to study the impacts of climate change on arctic ecosystems. I then worked in tropical forest in Central America as a naturalist guide; leading tours in a private natural reserve, and as a teacher of tropical ecology, identification, and sustainability to tourists and visiting students on study abroad programs. In this job I started farming and grew more interested in innovative and sustainable agriculture, and adaptation to climate change, which I now study as a PhD candidate here at Leeds and with partners at Bioversity.

Research interests

I study food insecurity and adaptation focussing on the Central American Dry Corridor (CACD). The project combines methdologies from physical climate and crop modelling, household survey and spatial analysis of food security drivers, with ethnographic methods including life histories and semi structured interviews. The aim is to integrate knowldges across disciplines to criticially inform the development and climate adaptation intervention strategies being applied and scaled-up in the region.


  • BSc Ecological Sciences (University of Edinburgh)

Research groups and institutes

  • Environment and Development
  • Sustainability Research Institute
  • Climate Science and Impacts