Chetan Deva

Chetan Deva


I am an interdisciplinary scientist, working to understand the impacts of climate and weather on cropping systems and plants. My work aims to contribute to our understanding of food security by integrating the disciplines of meteorlogy, plant physiology and plant biology in how we model the impacts of heat stress on plants. I bring my experience of working in the humanitarian sector to applied science with the aim of focusing my efforts on building useful understanding and tools for improving food security. I also enjoy engaging in outreach efforts to show how fun science can be.   

Research interests

My research focuses on the impacts of heat stress on food security under both current and future climates. I work across scales, moving from impacts on individual plants to how yield and water use is affected in major cropping systems. I am following three main avenues of research in my PhD:

  1. Using big data of field crops undergoing heat stress to understand the interaction between plant physiology and micrometerological conditions. I then consider how these mechanims can be refined in state of the art crop models.
  2. Using crop models at field scale to understand the interaction between heat stress and irrigation in rice and considering the impacts for regional cropping systems.
  3. Understanding the dynamics of agricultural heatwaves at regional scale using combinations of regional agricultural and meterological data sets.



  • MA Climate and Society
  • MSc Development Economics
  • BA Economics and Philosophy

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science