Edna Dualeh


MSci Earth Sciences (International Programme), University College London

MSci Project - Earthquake Pulverization on an active normal fault: The Cittanova Fault

Year abroad: University of Washington, U.S. 

Conference Posters: 

Dualeh E. W., Ebmeier S. K., Wright T. J., Poland M. P.,Radar backscatter analysis methods applied to the 2011-2013 K?lauea lava flows, Cities on Volcanoes 10, 2-7 Sept. 2018, Naples, Italy

Dualeh E. W., Ebmeier S. K., Observations of the 2011-2013 Kilauea lava flows from Synthetic Aperture Radar intensity data, VMSG Annual Meeting, 3-5 Jan 2018, Leeds, UK  


SOEE1600 Geology for Petroleum Engineers (2017/2018, Semester 2) 

SOEE2107 Geology Map and Field Skills; Assynt Fieldtrip (2017/2018) 


  • MSci Earth Science (International Programme), University College London

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Geophysics and Tectonics
  • Volcanology