Andy Emery

Andy Emery


PhD researcher and Priesley Climate Scholar in the Institute of Applied Geosciences, School of Earth and Environment.

With a background in deep-time structural geology, geomechanics and geophysics, I now have applied my broad interests to coastal and glacial geomorphology and sedimentology.
A member of the Stratigraphy Group and Leeds Quaternary.

Contact me via the email above, find me in room SCR 8.07 or catch me on Twitter as @AndyDoggerBank.

My project is kindly funded by the Leeds Anniversary Research Scholarships.

Research interests

My PhD research focuses on evolving landscapes of Dogger Bank in the North Sea. During the Last Glacial Maximum, approximately 27,000 - 23,000 years ago, an ice sheet was present in the North Sea, responsible for creating complex moraine ridges. As the ice sheets retreated, a large proglacial lake formed, followed by its drainage. A network of rivers draining southwards were then present on top of the moraines and proglacial lake sediments. Rising sea level during the Holocene (11,700 - present) led to the inundation of Dogger Bank. Finally, and still active today, marine sediments were deposited.

Dogger Bank provides an excellent analogue for future landscape evolution due to climate change. Rates of relative sea-level rise are similar to those projected for the next century by the IPCC's 2013 report. This gives the opportunity to study coastal geomorphology and sedimentology under rapid ea-level rise in order to mitigate the effects of future sea-level rise on coastal populations, infrastructure and ecology. Those sea-level projections require on models of ice sheet deglaciation. Increasing our understanding our how palaeo-ice sheets deglaciated is therefore vital, and the role of the Dogger Bank proglacial lake in deglaciation will form a valuable insight into ice sheet retreat behaviour.

Outside of my PhD work, I am interested in glacial geomorphology and palaeo-ice sheet reconstruction of the British-Irish Ice Sheet, as well as broader, global palaeo-glaciology and its imprints on our land and continental shelves. I am also interested in geological records of extreme wave events such as storm surges and tsunami deposits. I am also interested in evolution of pore pressure and geomechanics in sedimentary basins, and palaeopressure reconstruction techniques and methods.


  • MSc, Structural Geology with Geophysics, University of Leeds
  • BSc, Geological Sciences, University of Leeds

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Applied Geoscience
  • Sedimentology