Huw Goodall


I am currently a PhD candidate studying the interaction of the brittle and ductile lithosphere in extensional continental areas. I am particularly interested in Western Turkey, one of the most rapidly extending areas in the world. I plan on using fault movement rates, derived from cosmogenic isotope data sets that I will develop here in the cosmogenic lab in Leeds. These rates will be compared to strain rates derived from GPS and InSAR, representing the ductily deforming lithosphere. This comparison will provide insight into how the continents are deforming and how strain is distributed through the lithosphere. This should assist with understanding of earthquakes and improving hazard mapping in the region.

I am also interested in improving the method of comsogenic nucleide exposure dating of fault scarps and hope to be able to do this during my studies.

My MSc thesis was a tectonostratigraphic study of offshore Morocco and its' effect on potential hydrocarbon reservoir in the region using 3D seismic data, working with an industry partner.

When not in the lab/office/field I can be found climbing up rock or ice in the UK and beyond.


  • 2018 - Best poster NERC DTP conference (Leeds-York)
  • 2017 - Best Talk NERC DTP conference (Leeds-York)


I assist with teaching of:

  • Pembroke field trip - 1st year Geology/Geophysics
  • Inverse theory - 4th Year Geophysics


Research interests

  • Cosmogenic isotopes (mainly 36Cl) and their application to active fault zones.
  • Active tectonics, particulalry continental extension
  • Tectonics of Western Turkey and the Italian Apennine
  • Normal faulting, it's evolution and how it effects the surrounding geology and geomorphology


  • PhD candidate in Tectonics and structural geology
  • MSc, Petroleum Geoscience for Explortation, University of Manchester
  • BSc, Geolsoical Sciences, University of Leeds

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Geophysics and Tectonics
  • Geodynamics and Tectonics