Sam Greenwood

Research interests

Academic Background:

  • 2016, MGeophys Geophysical Sciences, University of Leeds. Dissertation title: 'Testing the speed of the last geomagnetic reversal from a core dynamics perspective'.
  • 2016 - Present, PhD student funded by the NERC Spheres DTP. 

My interests lie in global scale geophysics, in particular: the Earth's thermal evolution, geomagnetism and core dynamics. For my PhD I investigate the long term thermal evolution of the core and how a region of stable stratification could form beneath the core mantle boundary. I write my own numerical models that aim to capture the behaviour of one of the most dynamic and inaccessible regions of the planet over a time scale of billions of years. I enjoy employing clear, understandable data visualisation and encourage making scientific code as accessible and easy to use as possible, implimenting these principles where I can. I have also been active in demonstrating for a varitey of undergraduate geophysics modules with themes such as field geophyics, inverse theory and global geophyics.

Research groups and institutes

  • Deep Earth
  • Institute of Geophysics and Tectonics
  • Planetary Exploration