Joshua Hampton

Joshua Hampton


Joshua is a postgraduate researcher in his second year at the University of Leeds. Under the supervision of Dr Ryan Neely III and Prof. Alan Blyth, Joshua is working with the NCAS mobile X-band radar to study winter weather, improving our understanding of the microphysical processes taking place. This will result in the creation of a hydrometeor classification scheme which will be suitable for X-band radar operating in winter weather.

Prior to moving to Leeds, Joshua studied for four years at the University of Reading, UK, graduating in 2017 with a masters degree in Meteorolgy and Climate. During this he spent a year studying at the Univeristy of Oklahoma, where he learnt about the more extreme weather Oklahoma and the Great Plains are known for, as well as his first adventure into radar meteorolgy, amongst other areas. As such, Joshua has a broad meteorolgical knowledge covering a wide range of systems and climates.

Conference Presentations

ERAD 2018

An X-Band Study of KDP and Rainfall over Southern England during Winter 2018


  • MMet, Meteorology and Climate, University of Reading

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science