Claire Harnett


I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Portsmouth as an active member of their Rock Mechanics Laboratory. This allowed me to gain laboratory experience with triaxial testing on basalts. I am now pursuing a PhD at the University of Leeds looking at the mechanisms of failure in lava domes. This allows me to combine my interests of rock mechanics, rock unit stability and volcanology.

Major Conference Participation:

  • Harnett C, Thomas M, Purvance M, Neuberg J. Modelling unstable lava domes: testing collapse triggers using a discrete element method. EGU General Assembly 2018; April 9-13; Vienna, Austria.
  • Harnett C, Thomas M, Purvance M, Murphy W, Neuberg J. A discrete element approach to modelling lava dome stability. VMSG Annual Meeting; January 3-5; Leeds, UK.
  • Harnett C, Thomas M, Purvance M, Murphy W, Neuberg J. Why do lava domes fall down? New insights from numerical modelling. IAVCEI Scientific Assembly; August 14-18; Portland, Oregon.
  • Harnett C, Thomas M, Purvance M, Neuberg J. Using Particle Flow Code to model lava dome emplacement and collapse. COMET Annual Meeting; July 4-6; Birmingham, UK.
  • Harnett C, Thomas M, Stinton A, Kendrick J, Lavallee Y, Coats R, Murphy W, Neuberg J. Evolution of mechanical properties of dome rock across eruptive periods. VMSG-TSG-BGA Joint Assembly; 2017 Jan 4-6; Liverpool, UK.
  • Harnett C, Benson P, Rowley P. Damage localisation and fracture in volcanic basalts revealed by elastic wave velocity changes. VMSG-TSG-BGA Joint Assembly; 2017 Jan 4-6; Liverpool, UK.
  • Harnett C, Thomas M, Murphy W, Neuberg J. An investigation into the conditions promoting lava dome instabilities: a new global database. Cities on Volcanoes 9; 2016 Nov 21-25; Puerto Varas, Chile.
  • Harnett C, Benson P, Fazio M. Damage localisation and P-wave velocity evolution in volcanic rocks from El Hierro and Tenerife. 11th EURO-Conference on Rock Physics and Geomechanics; 2015 Sep 6-11; Ambleside, UK.
  • Harnett C, Fazio M, Fahrner D, Benson P. T23C-4692 Time-dependent deformation at elevated temperatures in El Hierro and Teide basalts. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting; 2014 Dec 15-19; San Francisco, CA.

Summer school participation:

  • Advanced School on Physics of Volcanoes, International Centre for Theoretical Physics; 2016 Oct 17-21; Trieste, Italy.
  • Melts, Glasses and Magmas, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU); 2014 Jul 21-25, Munich, Germany.


Bob Hunter Prize for best student talk at the VMSG Meeting 2018

Research interests

My main research interest is volcanology, with a focus on rock mechanics and the factors which influence edifice stability.

The mechanisms of lava domes - developing new predictive models from dome collapse

Leeds-York NERC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) 2015


  • 2012-2015: Bachelor of Science, B.Sc. (with Honours) at the University of

Research groups and institutes

  • Volcanology
  • Institute of Geophysics and Tectonics