Ieva Kaminskaite

Ieva Kaminskaite


The focus of my PhD is to analyse faults formed in carbonate outcrops and predict how they would impact fluid flow in carbonate reservoirs. The work involved detailed study of the faulted outcrops across Europe (Sicily and mainland of Italy; Rhodes, Greece; Granada, Spain; Vienna basin, Austria and many locations in the UK), microstructural analysis of deformed and undeformed carbonates (optical, SEM, CL), petrophysical property analysis (porosity, permeability, NMR, Hg-injection), triaxial testing (hydrostatic and multistage-failure compression tests), and data mining (python, Weka).


Kaminskaite, I., Fisher, Q.J. and Michie, E.A.H., 2019. Microstructure and petrophysical properties of deformation bands in high porosity carbonates. Journal of Structural Geology, 119, pp.61-80.

Conference abstracts:

Kaminskaite, I., Fisher, Q.J. and Grattoni, C.A., 2015, September. Deformation Bands in Chalk and Their Impact on Fluid Flow-An Example from Pegwell Bay, Kent. In Fourth International Conference on Fault and Top Seals.

Kaminskaite, I., Fisher, Q.J., Michie, E. and Yielding, G., 2017. Microstructure of deformation bands in carbonates. In 1st Joint Assembly of TSG – VMSG – BGA.

Kaminskaite, I., Fisher, Q. and Michie, E., 2017. Faults in High Porosity Carbonates. In AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, Houston, Texas.

Research interests

Carbonate sedimentology, structural geology, geomechanics and data mining.


  • <p>BSc in Geology, University of Durham</p> <p>MSc by Research, University of Leeds (2015) entitled: Impact of Faults on Fluid Flow in Chalk Reservoirs</p>