Gabriel Lopez Porras


2016 – Present Fulltime PhD student at the School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds, UK. Member of the Environment and Development Research Group.
2014 – 2016 Project consultant at Socioenvironmental Strategy C.S., Mexico. I was a founding partner, I was linked to all the company's projects and its management.
2012 – 2014 Regional coordinator at the Mexican Centre of Environmental Law (CEMDA), Mexico. I was in charge of project management and coordination of the Valle de Bravo office in the state of Mexico.
2010 – 2012 Ecology Directorate of the State Government of Chihuahua, Mexico. I was an attorney for the Prevention and Control of Pollution Department.

Research interests

In order to conduct the water governance assessment to increase dryland system adaptive capacity, the Rio del Carmen watershed located in the Chihuahuan desert has been selected as the study site. In this research, a watershed scale fits very well since ecological, administrative and economic interactions converge at this scale in Mexican water governance. Then, three research objectives were developed in order to address the overall aim:

  1. Analyse the role of water as a key ecosystem service for human well-being and development in the Rio del Carmen watershed.
  2. Critically assess and describe current water governance and access to the water ecosystem services in the Rio del Carmen watershed.
  3. Identify entry points in water governance to enable resilience in the Rio del Carmen watershed.

My research interests are related to the social-ecological system approach, drylands, legal frameworks, system resilience, policy instruments, as well as adaptive and water governance.


  • MA Environmental Law and Public Policy
  • BA Law