Felicity Monger

Felicity Monger


I am a second year PhD student funded by the United Bank of Carbon (UBoC), information on which can be found at http://unitedbankofcarbon.com/about-2/. I achieved my master's degree in Environmental Science at the Univeristy of East Anglia following the completion of my undergraduate degree in Environmental Science at the University of Portsmouth.

Research interests

My research interests include the processes of natural flood management (NFM), in particular the use of trees as a method of mitigation. My PhD project investigates the impacts of semi-natural woodland on reducing flood risk in the UK. Currently, a correlation catchment study is being undertaken in Haweswater, Cumbria, which will allow for the comparison of semi-natural wooded areas and that of grassland areas. In addition, the rainfall-runoff model, TOPmodel will be used to explore the relationship between catchment storage and vegetation cover, such as woodlands. 


  • 2013 - 2016: BSc in Environmental Science, University of Portsmouth
  • 2016 - 2017: MSc in Environmental Science, University of East Anglia

Research groups and institutes

  • River Basin Processes and Management
  • Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science
  • water@leeds