Damjan Ostrelic

Damjan Ostrelic


I joined the University of Leeds as a PhD student for the Lobe3 project in October 2018.

I completed my undergraduate studies in Geology at the University of Zagreb in 2016. My undergraduate thesis focused on the petrographic and geochemical characteristics of volcaniclastic deposits of the External Dinarides near Lika, Croatia. Following that, I undertook an MSc in Geology of Mineral Resources and Geophysical Exploration at the University of Zagreb. My thesis focused on amphibolite lenses in gneisses of Mt. Krndija. Along with petrographical analysis, major and trace element geochemistry was used to classify the investigated metamorphic rocks, determine their protoliths, magmatic series and tectonic setting of protolith formation.

Research interests

My PhD research is focused on investigating deep-water lobe deposits that pinchout against intrabasinal relief and can form stratigraphic traps.

Physical experiments will be done in the Sorby Environmental Fluid Dynamics Laboratory at the University of Leeds to investigate key parameters of submarine flows in confined settings, as well as the effect of flow concentration on the height and trajectory of flows as they interact with basin floor topography. Alongside laboratory experiments, fieldwork will be carried out in the Neuquén Basin in Argentina, specifically the Early Jurassic Los Molles formation, where submarine lobe complexes that pinchout against intrabasinal relief are well-exposed successions.

Integrating data obtained from fieldwork with results from physical modelling experiments will help constrain the 3D architecture of stratigraphic traps associated with deep-water lobes.


  • MSc, Geology of Mineral Resources and Geophysical Explorations
  • BSc, Engineering Geology

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Applied Geoscience
  • Sedimentology