Grace Porter

Grace Porter


Exploring marine sources of ice nucleating particles through the development of novel instrumentation and embarking on a range of field and lab studies. 

Field Studies:

An expedition ot the high Arctic aboard the Icebreaker Oden was conduted alongside a team of international scientists. My project was the continuous measurent of ice nucleating particle concentrations in relation ot the aerosol number and size throught the two month cruise, and the correlation of this data with atmospheric information to help elucidate a source. Measurements were made at ship level and above cloud to give an insight into which aerosol layer the ice nucleating particles were present.

Additionally I have been part of field and lab ice nucleation studies in Leeds, UK; NOC Southampton, UK; Karlsruhe, Germany; Ragged Point, Barbados; and Hyytiälä, Finland.

Instrument development:

I designed and helped to build a lightweight, high flow aerosol sampler for deployment on a tethered balloon in the high Arctic. This device was essential for collecting up to 100 L/min of air above clouds and providing much needed field measurements of the ice nucleating particle concentrations above the surface layer. 


The project involves the development of new microfluidic devices that will aid in the characterisation and understanding of ice nucleating particles, using samples cultures in labs as well as collected on field excursions.


  • MPhys, Bsc Physics

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science