Ananth Ranjithkumar

Ananth Ranjithkumar


My research focuses on the impacts of New particle formation and clouds on global climate. My project is a join collaboration between the University of leeds, CERN, the UK Met office and several other European universities. As part of this project I participate in the CLOUD experiment at CERN, which is a chamber experiment where we artificially create particles and clouds to better understand the underlying mechanism of how they form.  My goal is to implement that understanding in a global climate model (the UK’s Earth system model – UKESM). The aim will be to quantify the effect of new particle formation and particle growth rates (from CLOUD measurements) on the global aerosol system in pre-industrial and present-day conditions and to evaluate the model against ambient observations and assess the uncertainty. 

Supervisors: Professor Ken Carslaw, Dr Hamish Gordon, and Dr Kirsty Pringle

Project network: CLOUD-MOTION (Marie Curie ITN)


  • Master of Science - Chemical Engineering, TU Delft
  • B.Tech - Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute for Climate and Atmospheric Science