Ulises Rodriguez


Prediction of subseismic faulting and fracturing in Mesozoic carbonate rocks at Southern Gulf of Mexico.

Dr Douglas Paton and Dr Estelle Mortimer


I received my BsC in Geosciences from Instituto Tecnologico de Ciduad Madero, Mexico and  MsC from Royal Holloway, University of London. Since 2002 I have worked in oil industry in Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) as Geologist in the Exploration area at different departments: Operations (2002-2010), Prospects (2010-2013) and Regional Geology (2013-2016). My main interests are seismic interpretation, structural geology and salt tectonics.

Research interests

My research is focused on estimate fracture intensity and orientation at subsurface combining different geological and geophysical information such as seismic data, well data (logs and core samples), structural restoration, geomechanical modelling, structural seismic attributes and fracture modelling. The methodology derived from this project is intended to be applied in oil industry during exploratory stages in areas where little or no well data is available and there is need to define the presence of potential reservoir rock and to assess its quality. The study area is located in Southern Gulf of Mexico and reservoir rock consist of originally low permeability, deep marine carbonate, which depend on natural fractures to be considered with good potential to host hydrocarbons.